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Discovered an ancient monastery in Sozopol

According to historians, this is where is first entered St. Andrew Christian preacher

Ancient monastery demanded half a century, archaeologists discovered in Sozopol. It is located near the castrum fortress Domini.Researchers have stumbled on the find in clearing the ground for the excavation of the nose of the town. For many years the monastery “St. Apostles was known only in documents
According to historians, this is where is first entered St. Andrew Christian preacher, probably two or three apostles who are less known. So when Christianity became the official religion, have erected a large temple, around which in subsequent centuries has turned a large aristocratic monastery
The monastery was destroyed by the Turks, but his buildings have survived, albeit in fundamentals – 50 cm, slightly above the ground, said the Monitor newspaper. Exactly they were found during the clearing of land. So now in addition to the monasteries on the islands of St. John and St. Kirik, unless the city walls, which are also hard to restore, and the relics of St. John the Baptist Sozopol has another large object, which in the coming years will become subject tointernational tourism.
Archaeologists will continue work on the island of St. John, and probably on the island. St. Kirik. It is expected that by the autumn and will start excavation in the churchyard of St. Cyril and Methodius, which also has a wall.

Open a treasure in Sozopol

Open a treasure in Sozopol 

It is surprising why the coins of the Latin emperors. In this region at that 
Time running Byzantine and Bulgarian coins. Coin treasure found in Sozopol, said Bozidar Dimitrov, director of the National History Museum. Today archaeologists, headed by Prof. Krastina Panayotova who dug with funds granted by the Council of Ministers called. ”Castrum Domini” (castle of the ruler) and the imperial monastery church of St. Apostles, opened the grave of a young woman buried in the apse of the church. Place where it is buried, indicating that it is aristocrat, perhaps – a relative of the ruler of the fortress, “said Bozidar Dimitrov. In Christian graves usually have no burial gifts as an understanding of Christian ethics is that one comes naked, nothing in this world, and so has to go. But in the case archaeologists were pleasantly surprised.



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