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Located 34 km to the south of Burgas, Sozopol (the town of rescue) is one of the most ancient settlements on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast..

Sozopol is situated on two rocky peninsulas surrounded by three islands and the most picturesque beaches of Bulgaria. It was a significant port in the past, but today it’s a preferable town for relaxation and entertainment with its beautiful beaches, clear and warm seawater, architectural sights and hospitable local residents.
The central beach of Sozopol offers you fine sand and crystal clear sea. The beach of Harmanite, the second beach of Sozopol, situated in the New part of the town, has a long beach strip and calm atmosphere. If you prefer and look for a more peaceful place for relaxation, do not miss the opportunity to visit also the beach of Dyuni, Arkutino, Gradina, Zlatna Ribka and Kavatsite.

The town and its surroundings

Only 2 km to the south of Sozopol is the locality of Kavatsite, situated between Saint Christ cape and Agalina cape. The locality of Alepu, where migratory birds nest among the exotic beach, dunes and marshlands. Saint Toma Island (most known as the Sneak Island), planted with a collection of cactuses. Further to the south is the locality of Arkutino and the mouth of Ropotamo River, where are the largest sand dunes and the rare type of sand lily. The surface of the Arkutino lake is covered with water lilies.

Only 5 km north of Sozopol you can visit the resort town of Chernomrets (Saint Nikola). The fans of surfing, fishing and the seekers of sea voyages will not be disappointed, if they decide to visit Chernomorets.

Only 6 km from Sozopol a heavenly recess is expecting you – Dyuni, offering calmness and naturalness. Dyuni is a comparatively young club resort designed for family vacations and for the lovers of calmness.

Why Sozopol?

Azure sea, marvelous beaches, mild climate and beautiful houses dated form the period of the Middle Ages.

Sozopol is a charming and contemporary sea resort, excellent for a holiday in Bulgaria! The ancient history which has left its vestige, combined with the facilities of a popular place for rest characterizes the sea resort of Sozopol.

Ancient and new town, luxury and charming authenticity are expecting you in Sozopol.

In this town you can indulge yourself as in a peaceful holiday at sea, as well as in entertainment and not in the last place in a romantic atmosphere that only the Ancient and the New town of Sozopol are able to create.

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